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Nazi poison gas technology

Friday, June 28, 1996

Republished another gem from FAEM, this one on Nazi poison gas technology. FAEM changes its content sporadically, so rather than risk losing it at some point down the road, we obtained permission to duplicate it here.


Tale of two gassings

Saturday, June 15, 1996

Added a file received from a fellow revisionist, who has found some interesting discrepancies in two different accounts of what is supposed to be the same event -- a homicidal gassing. Critics of this piece now contend that these are not two different accounts of the same events, but rather, are different versions of the same account. To us, this just makes things worse. If there were two different accounts, then at least some of the discrepancies can be explained. But to have such divergence from one document implies a tremendous absense of scholarship among traditional Holocaust historians.


Shoah: Abraham Bomba, the barber

Added Bradley Smith's article, "Shoah: Abraham Bomba, the barber," which deals with one remarkable aspect of Claude Lanzmann's movie, Shoah.

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