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Zionism and the Third Reich

Monday, May 27, 1996

As requested by a student of Jewish collaboration with the Nazis, we are happy to present Mark Weber's "Zionism and the Third Reich."


Arthur R. Butz' new website

Friday, May 17, 1996

Added some notes to "A short introduction to Holocaust revisionism," by Arthur R. Butz, as seen on Butz' brand new Web site. Butz promises to add to his site with new material from a different perspective on Holocaust revisionism, and will be well worth watching. [Since removed -- see Butz' site.]


Auschwitz Death Books

Added some additional material to "A short introduction to Holocaust revisionism." [Since removed -- see Butz' site.] Also introduced my analysis of the Auschwitz Death Registers, in HTML table format for those with compatible viewers.


How many deaths at Auschwitz?

Saturday, May 04, 1996

Added Robert Faurisson's "How many deaths were there at Auschwitz?" As with nearly everything Faurisson does, this contains many insights. Also, added a link to Ahmed Rami's Radio Islam website.



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