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"Directory" moved

Monday, August 20, 2001

We moved the master file directory up to the "root" level for tidyness' sake. We apologize to all of those who had it bookmarked. (Since removed.)


Site updates

We haven't been keeping the "what's new" page up-to-date. So what's new? In the last three years, some new material has been added -- especially to the Remarkable Nonsense, Admissions against Interest, and Documents sections, and we've added a whole new section on Holocaust satire. Got a great search engine going, and installed it on TOC pages throughout the site for ease of access (see above, as an example). Because we have been gathering tidbits to add to the site all along, however, we have a huge backlog of items to whip into shape. Therefore, if you see formatting irregulalities or items that don't seem to have received the full attention they should have before posting, it's due to the crush of time and the great number of tasks that need to be addressed.



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