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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dear Sir

My wifes great uncle was one of the soldiers that liberated bergen belsen and his photographs of the many thousands of dead bodies have been on show as part of the official photographs of the attrocities committed there

I am pleased to tell you that he always admitted that after finding the bodies and getting over the shock they collected together all the SS and local nazi soldiers and had some fun with them

For the SS they used to shoot them in the gut and lay bets on how long they could scream. If they went quite they would cover some or all of them in petrol a set them a light. They then had further fun seeing how far these human torches could run. sometimes they would set fire t o a number of men if they wanted to get a good display going.

For the nazi soldiers they had them did a large hole and climb in after which they covered them using a buldozer. It took several hours for the mound to stop crying. During this time they sat round eating and laughing

My wifes uncle only regret was that the army would not send over more prisoners for him to dispose of

I hope this helps you relise that your publication is utter rubbish and am pleased to say why not to many from belson were ever tried for criimes they committed

Tom James



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